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Veto Domika Georgopoulos


(besides great mind-expanding ideas)

  • BUILDING MATERIALS: BBQ, (Grills), Fireplaces, Fire Pits, Pyrocolla, Fire Cement, Firewood, Coal, Cement, Sand, Sand Gravel, Lime, Hydrolime, Gypsum, Mosaics, Stones, and many more, and the area of building materials? Outside of the usual
  • DECORATIVE: Statues, Figurines, Decorative stones,Ceramics, Mosaics, representations from Greek Mythology, Paintings, pieces not available in other stores, etc.
  • PLUMBING: Irrigation, Water Supply, Solar, Heating
  • GARDEN ITEMS: Pots, Slabs, Wells, Rock garden materials, Fountains, Stone fountains, Benches, Pebbles, Pots, Kennels, etc.
  • TOOLS: Hand, Electric, Petrol, Diesel and all kinds of tools
  • PAINTS: Acrylics, Plastics, Varnishes, Ripolins, Powders, Sprays, Blocking chemicals, Strong cleaners, Resins, Adhesives and an unlimited range of specialized products
  • HARDWARE: Screws, Washers, Hinges, Locks, Rings, Bolts, and all related
  • FENCES:  Pipes, angles, braids, stakes, Fencing items and related wire products



(for those who strive for perfection)

  • Workshop – Gallery of paintings and statues, sculpture painting by order, for those who appreciate finesse
  • Rentals of tools, machines
  • Providing construction services, especially in BBQ systems (grills, ovens, counters, sinks, etc.) we invent unprecedented and original ways of setting up, we also pioneered in inventing and manufacturing the plaster with fresco and plastic sculpture, the final product is an eye-candy. Reproductive media such as molds and stamps are not used. The materials (structural and pigments) necessarily change depending on the conditions and the application surfaces, the results are worth seeing.  -Ask us for pictures-.
  • Technical office (Study-presentation-printing), with  galloping imagination. Unprecedented manufacturing coordination.


In conclusion,

The store that contributes to the aesthetic, asks:

  • Do you craft yourself?
    We rent you any tool you lack.
  • Do you want them ready?
    We give you any craftsman you need.
  • Do you have a craftsman and tools?
    We bring you from the oldest to the most modern building block for your construction.
  • Do you just want to give an order?
    We undertake the entire construction.
  • Don't know where to start?
    With the most thorough ideas and the most practical way, we show you what to make, unique to suit only you.


           - It changes your perception.

                         - The passport for a cultivated person's house.

                                           - For those who won't get comfy with the second place.